Mathematical Odds / Decimal Odds

If you are a casual gambler on Unibet looking to have some fun, or a more serious gambler looking to earn some serious hard cash, then you need to get your head around the wonderful world of odds and probability. Online casinos possess a plethora of terms and phrases that can appear quite daunting at first, and the expression of gaming odds is one of these terrors.

A growing trend in the marketplace is the use of decimal odds with services such as Unibet. Decimal odds are very straightforward to understand and allow you to recognize your return on investment with ease. Let’s presuppose that you want to make a bet at decimal odds of 5.10 and you make an investment of £1. If that bet has a positive outcome for you then you will win £5.10 for every £1 that you wager. So if you were a high roller, or just taking a shot, and make a bet of £100 you could earn £510 should the positive outcome come through for you.

The difference between decimal odds and fraction odds concerns the stake. In decimal odds your stake is quoted as part of your total return. So if you bet £10 at decimal odds of 5.0 and win, then your return is £50. Converting this bet into a fraction odds bet, it would appear as 4/1. You would get the same return except it would be expressed as £40 for your winning bet plus your original stake of £10.

Converting decimal odds into fraction odds, and vice versa, has never been easier with online casinos offering very easy to use conversion charts.

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